Mission & Vision

Welcome to the Hospital Leadership Institute®, a company dedicated to helping hospital leaders succeed in today's challenging health care environment. Our expertise is providing high-quality Training & Development solutions to small and mid-sized hospitals. Our services include the following:

Hospital Leader Certificate Program: A full-year leadership development program that teaches proven management and leadership best practices in the context of the hospital environment.

CompExam: An online competency assessment system that alleviates the need to purchase, install and maintain an expensive Learning Management System.

Positive Interaction Training: A training program that builds a culture of respect, collaboration and teamwork among managers, physicians and staff.

Manager Effectiveness Survey: An online survey that gives hospital leaders actionable information about their management strengths and weaknesses.

Employee Engagement Survey: An online survey that identifies the most important issues affecting employee engagement throughout the organization. 

Exit Survey: An online survey that helps Human Resources minimize employee turnover in the organization.

We understand the challenges facing the hospital industry, and we're here to help. We encourage you to learn more about our services via this website, and please call us at (847) 423-6041 if you have any questions.

Our Mission is to provide high quality Training & Development solutions to the hospital industry at a price point that's affordable for all hospitals. 

Our Vision is for the U.S. hospital industry to be efficient and effective through the employment of strong leaders.

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