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Leadership Development

Positive Interactions


There's no other experience like working in a hospital. Each day, hundreds of people from different backgrounds, experiences and education levels converge on one campus to achieve a common set of goals. It's also a very fast-paced, complex working environment where expectations are high and lives are at stake. Unfortunately, in this kind of environment, disruptive behavior can easily surface. When it does appear, these negative interactions can significantly affect quality of care, patient satisfaction, employee engagement and patient safety. HLI's Positive Interaction Training teaches a number of best practices for managing and minimizing harmful behaviors in the hospital setting.

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Today's health care industry is experiencing unprecedented change. To succeed in this challenging environment, hospital leaders at all levels must have exceptional leadership skills. HLI's Hospital Leader Certificate Program consists of over 40 hours of management and leadership training, covering best practices espoused by industry thought leaders, top business professionals, and renowned university professors. Best of all, the full-year program is held at your facility and is designed solely around hospital leaders' needs.

Competency Assessments

To meet the standards of their accrediting organizations, all hospitals must validate the competence of their staff on an annual basis. In large hospitals this is usually done through a "Learning Management System" which automates many functions of exam administration. Unfortunately these systems can be quite expensive, forcing many hospitals to do it the old fashioned way---facilitating a pen & paper exam (which can also be very expensive and laborious due to all the manual processes involved.) The Hospital Leadership Institute offers hospitals a third option: an online Competency Exam that provides all the benefits of an LMS without the need to purchase, install and maintain an LMS.

This product is in the development stage. It will be available for purchase in Fall, 2014.

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