To succeed in today's challenging health care environment, hospital leaders must have exceptional leadership skills. HLI's Hospital Leader Certificate Program teaches management and leadership best practices espoused by industry thought leaders, well-respected business professionals and leadership researchers. The program includes 9 to 11 facilitator-led classes, a personalized Leader Assessment, monthly assignments that reinforce the learning, electronic copies of handouts, and an Introductory Session for participants' supervisors.  

Hospital Leader Certificate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do leadership development programs improve organizational performance?
Research has found that hospitals with leadership development programs have experienced better operational performance on many measures compared to hospitals without such programs.  [Thompson JM, Kim TH, "A Profile of Hospitals with Leadership Development Programs", The Health Care Manager, 2013;32(2):179-188.]

What topics are covered in the Hospital Leader Certificate Program? ​
The Program consists of the following classes:

  1. Managing & Leading: The Path Toward Exceptional Leadership 

  2. Communication Skills for the Health Care Leader 

  3. Managing Performance throughout the Lifecycle of the Employee 

  4. Managing Change in a Complex, Fast-Paced Environment 

  5. Increasing Individual & Team Productivity 

  6. ​Building and Maintaining a Strong Team-Based Culture

  7. Managing Conflict among Staff & Peers

  8. Building an Accountable Culture 

  9. Health Care Economics & Financial Management (Included in the Mid-Level Program; Optional for Front-Line) 

  10. Strategic Planning: From Organizational Vision to Individual Goals (Mid-Level Program Only)

  11. The Next Steps in Leadership Development / Program Review ​

For a detailed curriculum, please call us at (847) 423-6041.

Who should attend the program? 
The Front-Line Hospital Leader Certificate Program is geared toward Supervisors, Charge Nurses, Leads and high-potential staff who are being groomed for future leadership positions. The Mid-Level Program is geared toward Managers and Directors. Both programs are designed for a multi-disciplinary audience of clinical and non-clinical leaders. ​ 

Where does HLI get its content?
All content comes from published materials by industry thought leaders, business professionals and leadership researchers. We're constantly scanning the environment for proven leadership best practices that are appropriate for hospital leaders.

Who designed the program?
The program was designed by Lyle Kay, a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) and a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Lyle has over 20 years’ experience designing and facilitating effective Training & Development programs in hospitals and health care systems. His education includes an MBA from the University of Illinois and an Administrative Fellowship from Stony Brook University Medical Center. He's a Certified Green Belt in Lean Six-Sigma and a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). 

How long are the classes? 

Classes are approximately three hours long.

What's the difference between the Front-Line Program and the Mid-Level Program?  

Although the programs are similar, the exercises, scenarios and amount of time spent on each skill will differ depending on the level of the audience. This tailored approach ensures that participants learn the skills that are most important for their job success.​

Do participants receive data about their leadership skills?
Every participant receives a personalized Leader Assessment, which covers over 70 leadership skills and behaviors. The assessment, completed online by staff and peers, helps leaders identify the most important skills requiring attention. ​

Do participants become better leaders?
Yes, because we: 

  • Teach the program in a way that resonates with our audience.

  • Use methodologies that promote long-term retention of the material.

  • Provide tools that work well in the unique health care environment.

  • Distribute class notes in an easy-to-retrieve electronic format.

​Very simply, we make it easy for participants to use the right skills at the right time, which results in better leadership.  

How does the Hospital Leader Certificate Program compare to online learning?
Our classroom training is much more effective than online learning for a number of reasons: 

1. We tailor our classes toward the unique needs of the health care audience, focusing on your own organization's goals

2. Our classes encourage participants to share their experiences so they can learn from each other

3. Our classes break down organizational silos by bringing people together from different departments and divisions

4. Our classes are reinforced through a personalized Leader Assessment

5. Our classes are fun and engaging, resulting in greater learning retention

Online learning provides few of the above benefits.  For all these reasons, the Hospital Leader Certificate Program is a better choice than online learning.

What do past participants think about the program?
The following statements scored an average of 4.5 out of 5.0 on class evaluations (n=490):

  • I learned something new that will help me in my job

  • This class was a good use of my time

  • This class was a good use of the organization’s resources

  • I would recommend this class to other health care leaders


  1. Strongly Disagree

  2. Disagree

  3. Neutral

  4. Agree

  5. Strongly Agree

Do you have references?

We'll be happy to provide you with references.​

Can this program improve our leadership recruitment?
Learning opportunities are considered one of the most important job benefits among candidates. Both internal and external candidates are more likely to accept a position knowing they’d be supported through a high-quality leadership development program.​

How much does the Hospital Leader Certificate Program cost?

We price our services to be affordable for most hospitals; please call us for pricing.​

Is there any other information you can provide?

We’ll be happy to convene a live webinar where we’ll provide more information about the program’s structure and content; please click on the orange button at the top of this page, or call (847) 423-6041.  ​